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Five Essential Principles to Succeed in Your Home Business

These are top tips to help you become a successful home entrepreneur. The dynamics of working from home are completely different to running a business away from your home.
If it came to a vote then working from home is the hardest by far would win by miles.
The only easy part of having your office at home could be simply not having to face the rush hour traffic!
Many would-be entrepreneurs will say, "But it is finding out what to do for a home business or finding the money for equipment or learning how to do the accounting. No - it is old-fashioned lack of stick ability! Too many give up too soon. So how do you keep going till you are successful? These are the major difficulties to overcome. Master these and you will be successful! The good thing is they do not require money or special skills.
1 Become Focused
It is essential to stay working on your business in-spite of whatever is happening around.
Many people have worked with constant disruptions and interruptions in the work-place away from home everyday but working at home has different forms of disruptions, noise and problems. For a start it is hard to get those close to you to leave you alone to work. They expect that because you are at home you are available. It is hard enough to sit down and work as it is sometimes with all the distractions without family and friends adding to your problem. It is very much a mindset thing. Another way is imagine you have an invisible cone or force around to focus on the task. You are now in your work frame of mind.
2 Time Management
For many first time entrepreneurs learning to organise the work day is often where they fall down. When you go to work outside the home you have set times usually for morning tea, lunch, etc. Your day is regulated for you but when at home you have to organise your own time blocks.
One idea is to use a hard copy diary that you write in everyday everything you want to do. On each day space there are columns for personal and business tasks to complete. Highlight the main things you must do for each. This is very important otherwise you can easily drift through the day. It is essential to complete the highlighted tasks first.
If you choose to highlight the most important than try to keep the number to approximately six items otherwise it can be overwhelming.
It does not matter whether you use a hard copy diary, your mobile device or online planner, it is whatever works for you. The main thing is to plan - plan - plan. Then do the plan!!!
If you have a written plan for the day, when you have interruptions from those around you, you can show them what you still have to do. They will have to book in with you literally. Be ruthless here or you can find your work time being stolen from you. Think of your time in money per hour value.
The best thing about working from home is that you can work any available time 24/7.
3 Own Work Space if possible.
It is great when you can find office space at home. Some are fortunate to have their own office space where they can close the door and work. It is definitely easier to work if you can do your work undisturbed. This is not always possible for everyone. Sometimes you just have to work where you can find space. Just like J.K.Rowling when she wrote her first books from the local cafe you will sometimes just need to put yourself into a focused frame of mind, switch off anything that is outside your sphere to control to do what you need to do.
4 Dealing with The Dream Stealers
It is one of those unwritten laws that when you work from home you seem to get more negative comments from the people otherwise known as the Dream Stealers. Be aware - when you first start your home business you are very vulnerable to any negative comments. Keep in mind - this is your business - not theirs. Their negativity is from their inability to accept you want to improve your life. It is really their problem not yours.
Learn to ignore their comments.
5 Use Determination and Toughen up
There are many people who have failed enterprises. The reason for their failure often was not because the idea was not good or it was the wrong time or lack of money or talent. No-the main reason for failure was simply that the people lacked drive to see it through. They became discouraged because the business was not instantly successful, it was harder than they thought and they were lacked passion.
If you are passionate about your business you will find the drive and energy. So make sure what you do is something you not only enjoy but love doing.
Make this your mantra "Keep Going Keep Going Keep Going".
Wendy Heyworth lives in Tauranga New Zealand. Wendy has had a successful varied business background from sole operator business to directorship in multi-national businesses. She inspires and empowers home online business entrepreneurs.
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